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Welcome to Sebastopol

Sebastopol only has a population of around 7,500 residents, but when you count all the surrounding unincorporated areas that the town serves, it goes up to 50,000 residents. Only about 50-miles north of San Francisco and in between Highway 1 and Highway 101, Sebastopol is well-located for someone who wants to live in a smaller town, all while having big city amenities nearby.

Lay of the land

About a 20-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, Sebastopol was once a plum and apple growing region, but now it has given way to grapes. With many vineyards dotting the landscape, it gives the town of Sebastopol a nice charm, which other more established cities have lost over the years. Its downtown sits at the intersection of State Route 16 and State Route 12, which makes it easy to get around.

Located on the edge of the Laguna De Santa Rosa, residents can enjoy, but not disturb, many species of wildlife and vegetation. The town also sits atop several Pomo Indian Village sites, and it’s not rare for people to find arrowheads and other artifacts. With a view of Mount Saint Helena in the background, Sebastopol is a place where you can truly enjoy nature and the views she offers. Sebastopol is truly a mix of old and new and of nature and progress, and most people love the balance that Sebastopol offers to its residents.


Sebastopol sits at the intersection of State Route 16 and State Route 12, and it’s only about 10-minutes by car to get to Highway 101 and the city of Santa Rosa. A direct bus will take about 30 minutes, but it will drop you off right in downtown Santa Rosa. By taking relaxing and soothing backroads, you can get to the Pacific Ocean in about 20-minutes, and you can enjoy the towns of Bodega Bay or Nicks Cove. If you are up for a longer drive, you can make it to downtown San Francisco in about two-hours. Either way, there are limited public transportation options, but if you have a car, you are not far from wineries, the ocean, larger cities and major transportation hubs.

Local Highlights

If you live in Sebastopol, you can check out many local wineries as there are plenty of less-known ones that blow the other larger and more established ones away. The downtown is not large, but there are plenty of great restaurants and bars, and people from surrounding towns love to head down to Sebastopol at night and on weekends. This is what is so great about Sebastopol as it’s a small town with character, yet it offers nightlife and great dining options. In fact, the town is home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, K&L Bistro, which is located on Main Street.

If you like the outdoors, you will obviously love Sebastopol as it has plenty for the weekend-warrior. With Ragle Ranch Regional Park, Joe Rodota Trail, West County Trail and Laguna de Santa Rosa, you can escape it all for a while. Whether you want to hike, bike, horseback ride, fish or have a picnic, Sebastopol is the perfect town for you, and since it’s still relatively rural, it’s easy to have all these places to yourself, especially on weekdays.

Located not far from Highway 1, Sebastopol is great if you love the ocean. If you enjoy backroads you will love the 20-minute drive to Bodega Bay, or if you want to drive another 10-minutes, you can get to Sonoma Coast State Park, where you can enjoy the ocean by swimming, surfing, whale watching, or just lounging on the water. Simply put, whether you like the forests or the ocean, it’s all near you in Sebastopol.

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