Mortgage broker: Scott Baer, California Mortgage Advisors.

Property type: Single-family home in San Francisco.

Loan Amount: $700,000.

Interest rate: 5.999%.

APR: 6.29%.

Backstory: In an ever-evolving financial landscape, mortgage consultant Scott Baer has been revolutionizing real estate financing by leveraging equity, increasing loan amounts, paying off debts, and ultimately transforming customers’ lives for the better.

I had previously worked with a long-time client to secure a 2.69% fixed rate, 30 year loan for $450,000. The client had retired early and was now living on a fixed income budget.

What they had not anticipated was their home equity line of credit and unexpected expenses had made their monthly payments hard to budget for each month.

As of the time of the deal, Prime was 8.25%and a home equity line of credit can be in the 9.75% and higher range.

Credit card balances can carry interest rates in the 22% range and some even higher. This client also had two auto loans that made the overall payments tough to manage.

By assessing the market value of their property, we identified untapped potential within the homeowner’s existing assets. Instead of being limited by their current financial situation, homeowners can leverage their equity to unlock new opportunities without the burden of taking on additional debt.

By empowering homeowners to unlock their equity, increase loan amounts, pay off debts, and achieve their dreams without altering their existing payments, we are transforming their lives for the better.

Scott Baer, California Mortgage Advisors, 415-451-4110,

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